McKnight on Young Theologians

A Little Exercise for Young Theologians
via Jesus Creed on 7/9/08

Bloggers pastors or students or theologians, especially young ones, need to listen to the wisdom of this little word by Thielicke. Why? Let me begin with this: what you say on your blog is international, permanent, and universally accessible…


Ryno’s Thoughts:

An interesting thought, no doubt. I guess for me, I’ve officially moved from the “young pastor” camp but have not received membership into the “old pastor” camp. Rather I am stuck in transit, I assume. To this thought, I am torn. One side of me wants to say to McKight, “Well, who are you to tell me what I can and can’t blog, think, work out and discuss; regardless of how “wrong” or “incomplete” it may be at the time? Isn’t this process part of working it out? Then the other side of me wants to stand up and offer a round of applause to McKnight for bringing this issue to light. For I feel he’s right (in part anyway). Young pastors and old pastors (who’ve not matured) often times spout off and in turn make the whole lot of us look bad–make Christ look bad. So as I wrestle here, I feel it wisest to error on the side of caution and accept the wisdom offered by McKight and Thielicke and make a better attempt to hold my tongue.


One thought on “McKnight on Young Theologians

  1. Young people especially don’t realize how “permanent” material posted to the internet is. Even if you delete a picture on your website, others may be able to view it months down the road by way of search engines. All a viewer has to do it repaste a pic. to his own website, and it is now public domain no matter what happens to the origianl. What we say and do online (just as much in real life, if not more so) cannot be taken back.

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