Real Live vs. Pseudo Life

via nakedpastor on 7/12/09 

I get tired lately. Perhaps I mean fatigued: a lessening of one’s response to or enthusiasm for something, typically as a result of overexposure to it…


Ryno’s Thoughts:

I’ve been kicking around the idea of “pseudo-life relationship” with a group of friends, as it relates to the world of teens and social networking sites. It seems so much of actual life relationship has been replaced with cyber relationships that appear to be engaged, but in reality fall hopelessly short of the real thing. Yet, social networking sites afford me a certain amount of ministry opportunity, largely because they are “safe” for the student (and for me in many respects). So the question I have is to what degree have sites like Facebook and MySpace and even blogs only served to promote these artificial pseudo-life relationships so many of us find ourselves engaged in. My solution, invite some friends over, grill out, share a drink (of some sort), talk about life, and laugh long into the night. Next weekend repeat.


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