GFE (day 4)


Fish Status: Healthy
Fish Activity: Relocated from .5 gallon bowl to 2.5 gallon tank, complete with filter/air pump/light, plus the addition of two new plastic plants
Fish Mood: Energized and inquizitive
Fish Names: Sparky and Speckles

General Observations:

Sparky and Speckles have been transfered from the bowl to the new fish tank.  While at first they were both shy and reserved, their mood has improved and they seem to be more lively than ever.  They are taking full advantage of the larger tank; making their general disposition very much improved.


The new, larger tank was facilitated due to the rate in with the bowl became too dirty; happening almost over night.  It is our hope that this new tank will require less cleaning and will provide a healthier living environment for Sparky and Speckles.


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