Daddy Rule #21

Never go anywhere with your little one and not have quick access to a camera.

Tonight, I took Lily outside to swing, play, explore, or whatever would hold her attention so that Lindsay would be at peace to fix dinner.  Rather straight away Lily headed for her swing which seemed to do the trick, as she was content to swing for nearly 20 minutes.  As we continued to swing, I noticed her eyes start to droop and become heavy, then her head began to tuck and before I knew it she was asleep in her swing as it swung away.  I allowed the swing to naturally come to a stop, as Lily continued to rest there in her swing, complete unaware to the world around her.  It was in that single, quiet moment that I realized I had forsaken Daddy Rule #21.

It was a beautiful picture of pure rest.  Sorry I’m not able to share it here with you.  I guess it was something special reserved just for me.  Oh the things that warm a father’s heart…


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