Out and About with Miss Lily

Whatever the reason, Lily was in a “Lets-see-how-many-buttons-I-have-to-push-before-mommy-goes-nuts” sort of a mood tonight when I came home from work.  Unfortunately her mood didn’t change much at dinner time.  Sensing the natives were both getting restless, I decided to take Lily out; to do what I wasn’t sure, but I knew either her or Lindsay had to get away.

So the following is the account of my evening out with Miss Lily…

After making a hasty get-a-way, we headed off to Little Paws Playground; knowing that this would be a sure fire win, win situation.  I was pleased to find that we had the place to ourselves; not like Lily would have cared much if other kids had been there.  The walk up to the playground took several minutes as Lily had to stop and inspect each and every stick between the car and the playground.  Upon coming to the conclusion that all sticks are created equally as fun as the one previous, we made our way to the grand entrance of the playground.

Upon entering, Lily made her way over to her usual spot on the ground, the Cub Den; the portion of the playground designed more for children her age.  Ever the explore though we soon moved out of the Cub Den and into the rest of the park.  However, her interest was only slightly held as before I knew it she was off again; this time heading out of the park and down the running path.

While on the running path Lily discovered all sorts of new and exciting things to shove in her mouth.  Most interesting was some sort of walnut (I think it was a walnut).  This kept her attention for quite some time as she would pick it up and then proceed to toss it down in front of her, chase after it and repeat.  This must have lasted near 15 minutes I suppose, before she lost interest and returned to the park (which now had a family of three playing throughout).  


We spent a few more minutes playing throughout the park; where Lily mostly played with the mulch, where she would transfer it from the ground to the bench.  Despite her best efforts at protest, we had to conclude our time at Little Paws and return home where bath and bed awaited.  Most definitely it was a fun hour or so together as I watched her explore and brave new adventures within the playground.  It made my daddy heart proud to have her ask for my help to walk across the bridge (she would sign please as her way of asking); which we did several times.  While the situation that prompted our time together was less than ideal, the outcome was, and that is my tale of my outing with Miss Lily.


One thought on “Out and About with Miss Lily

  1. Miss Lily needed some “Daddy time” since you were away for a week. Uncle Andrew and I took her to Imagination Station last Saturday where she had great fun playing with the mulch. I held her hand as we crossed a wobbly suspension bridge several times and Uncle Andrew swang on the “big kids” swing with Miss Lily on his lap. It was a grand time. Best of all, she didn’t need a diaper change during the whole ordeal. Bonus!

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