GFE (day 18)

Fish Status: Healthy and well adjusted to new (larger) environment.
Fish Activity: Both Sparky & Speckles are quite active, making full use of the larger tank.  Speckles appears to prefer the back portion over the tank however; while Sparky prefers it all.
Fish Mood: Content & happy.

General Observations:

Sparky and Speckles had their first tank water change today.  The larger tank is proving to be a good idea as the increased size and under-gravel filtration system work to help keep the tank cleaner, longer.  After having to sit out of the tank while it acclimated to proper fish inhabiting conditions, the two were more than ready to return “home”; swimming about and rediscovering all that shares their space (I moved the two plants around).

Both fish ate a good lunch and appear to be doing just fine after their first tank cleaning.  The experiment continues.  One note, if anything ill is to happen we are eight days past the window of return, let us all keep this in mind as the experiment continues.


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