Vacation Day One

Today began my first day of a week long vacation.  Unfortunately this isn’t a load up the family and get away sort of vacation, but rather a stay at home and do odds and ends sort.  There will however be some short travel back to Ohio for Michelle & Andrew’s wedding this weekend which I’m looking forward to.  

Day one of the vacation was largely spent inside the dressing room at the JC Penny’s in UP Mall, Mishawaka.  I was in need of an outfit for the wedding thus I made my way to the mall hoping to find just the perfect ensemble.  I’m pleased to say that after 2.5 hours of shopping, I walked away with everything I was looking for, and I was even able to do it primarily utilizing the sale rack.  

I will say that while my mission was a success, it was greatly hindered without Lindsay on hand.  Fortunately via picture text, I was able to receive advices and assistance from her.  Technology is such a wonderful thing (when it works).

After leaving the mall, I stopped off at Moe’s for a quick lunch and then headed home where I proceeded to grab a quick nap before the girls got home.  I must say, for not going away on vacation, my first day was quite nice.


Around dinner time tonight, I began to notice the onset of a head cold; mainly in my throat and left ear.  I hate having a cold in the summer.


One thought on “Vacation Day One

  1. Yeah…people don’t get “colds” in the summer…you should have typed ” I hate dealing with outdoor allergens in the summer”… I am so embarrassed for you…at least you will know for next time.

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