GFE (day 24)


Fish Status: Speckles is dead (3:34 pm on Wednesday, August 13, 2008).  Sparky is alive and well.
Fish Activity: Speckles: NA, Sparky: Normal
Fish Mood: Speckles: NA, Sparky: A wee bit lonely

General Observations:

Speckles is no longer living, and therefore is no longer in the tank, and therefore will no longer be observed.  Sparky appears to be fine; although his activity may be a search for Speckles (more observation will be needed to determine).

Below is Speckles autopsy photo for all you CSI fans.


5 thoughts on “GFE (day 24)

  1. Just wondering about the “humor” tag on this one… Lili’s suggestion? I think not. I just hope she doesn’t require therapy. Changing the subject, was there Sushi tonight?

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