It’s been years since I last purchased a game for the computer, but just the other night that all changed.  Allow me to elaborate…

I usually tend to be the sort of computer gamer who’s attention is little held by most games.  Sure, a few have come along over the years and provided me hours upon hours of fun and enjoyment.  Recently however, I’ve been on a computer game hiatus for the simple fact that there didn’t appear to be any games on the market catching my attention.

Cue, SPORE [Creature Creator]

From the creative mind of Will Wright, creator of the Sims, comes the highly anticipated game of Spore which claims, “it’s really just a game about survival.”  Presently, only the Creature Creator is out on the market, with the full version of the game set to release in September.  However, I would offer that as exciting as the full version of the game appears to be, the Creator Creator can and does provide hours of endless fun, and all for only $10.  The Creator Creator game is virtually limitless; hindered only by your lack of creativity and imagination.  So, if you find you’re in the market for a new computer game or simply need something to help occupy (i.e. waste hours of) your time; I would suggest you consider spending the $10 and getting yourself a copy of Spore Creature Creator.

I offer as an example a few of the creators Lindsay and I have created thus far.


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