Sun Spots


It is my privilege to be able to take my daughter to day care most mornings.  The route to the day care is predominately eastwardly in direction.  As such, I drive into the sun most mornings (an often times major annoyance for Lily).  Some mornings the sun is quite bright, making traversing the back country roads a bit parlous, causing me to slow down and pay closer attention to my driving.  Yet, there are the rare occasions, like today, where the sun in its brilliant, orange glory shines bright; but not so bright that I cannot stand to look directly into it.  This is the sort of morning sun I like most.  It allows you to see more the nuances of the sun, rather than being blinded by the intense white of its radiant core.  

As I drove this morning, listening to the makeshift song Lily sang (to whom, I’m not sure; she still babbles mostly), my thoughts turned to Jesus, the Son.  We often times want a Jesus that is representative of the sun I witnessed this morning; softer, gentler, and less harsh.  And certainly Jesus comes along side of us throughout our life in this manor.  However, the reverse should also be true for us, in that we need (not necessarily want) the bright, intense, burning Jesus who blinds us by his light.  This is a purging Jesus, one who’s light pierses our darkness and causes us a certain amount of discomfort, or causes us to have to look away.

This Jesus is intense and magnificent!

This is a sort of hurt-so-good Jesus that we know we need but pull away from because of the discomfort he causes.  What I like about this Jesus is however, that he causes me to slow down and focus on him rather than on the things that have crept in and distracted me from him.  While it hurts, it is good and I know this.  While I squint hard, I know that the sun spots that remain are my reminders of Jesus working in my life to rid me of my darkness.  This is a very good thing.


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