A Vision for Tomorrow, Today

Presently, I’m having the opportunity and pleasure to spend 3 days with a small group of people from around the Brethren Church for the purpose of discussing and planning for this next year of national youth ministry within the denomination.  I’ve been able to serve on this committee in the past and I realized last night while in a late night “meeting” (the unofficial non-meeting, meeting that always seem to spring up at things like this) that what I’ve come to value most about the time spent together is the ability to dream and ponder, argue and reflect on all that we are as Brethren and all that we sense God wanting us to become.

I imagine our conversations, in some small way, are harken to those of the reformers or the emergents; obviously on a smaller scale.  Smaller in scale most likely, but I would hope that the impact be much the same; at least within our context.  I value the time together to dream big, as this is something (as we’ve omitted to one another on several occasions already) we in our local ministries aren’t able to do well.  Or maybe don’t take the time to do well.  In either case, this has been, and continues to be a precious time to do just this sort of thing.  

Where our time together will go, I don’t yet fully know.  I am, however, anticipating the journey that takes us along.


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