Accessible Spirituality

Al Franken of SNL fame [writer], and now running for Senate was recently quoted to say, “My spiritual life is…sometimes I have access to it and sometimes I don’t.  When I do have access to it, it’s usually a sense of my understanding the best course of action or the best thing for me to do.” [via:]

I read this and Franken’s quote got me to thinking that for many, Christian or not, we tend to live this way; that our source of spiritual life is something that we don’t always have access to.  Despite the promise that God will never leave or forsake us, we sometimes live in such a way that would suggest just the opposite. When life gets rough we act and react as though God’s given up on us and left us to fend for ourselves; as though we only sometimes have spiritual access and therefore any hope of life improving or the situation changing.

I’ll be honest; this is a crazy way to live.  Certainly it can’t be the life we were promised in John 10:10.  So while I’m sorry that Al Franken only has limited spiritual access, or at least feels this is the way it is.  I’ll choose to respectfully disagree and continue striving to live in the abundance of complete and total spiritual access to God and all his promises for me.


2 thoughts on “Accessible Spirituality

  1. don’t you think that it is only convenient access? there is many times in my life that it is not accessable . . .but maybe that is when i am sinning and not wanting to have access to the spiritual side.

  2. really, you think there are times when our spiritual power source is unavailable? That’s a scary sort of world to try and exist in. I think even in our willful sinfulness we have access, for what hope would we have if we didn’t, we’d have no way out of our sin.

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