Come and Get It…FREE WiFi

Over the course of the McDonald’s Monopoly promotional game, I’ve been fortunate enough to win 2 free hours of wifi access at McDonald’s [per one hour blocks].  I honestly don’t see myself hanging out at McDonald’s long enough to take advantage of these winnings.  Therefore I”m passing them on to anyone who would care to use them.  Below are the two [one hour] wifi access codes; if you want them they are yours…first come first serve.  I would ask that if you take one or both of these codes, could you post a comment letting everyone know they’ve been claimed?  Thank you.




1. Go to a participating Wi-Fi enable McDonald’s Restaurant.

2. Power on your wireless enabled laptop device.

3. Using your wireless device, find and connect to the wireless network named 


4. Open a browser such as Internet Explorer and attempt to go to a public webpage such as  You should be directed to a web page with the McDonald’s(r) logo in the 


5. Click on the “connect” button beneath the logo, then click “Use a Coupon” on the next 


6. Enter your 10-digit Wi-Fi code (listed above) and click “I agree” to accept the terms and 

  conditions.  When your hour runs out, you will be prompted to enter another code or enter 

  your credit card information.  For technical support call 1-877-MCD-WIFI.

You MUST redeem your one (1) hour of FREE Wi-Fi at McDonald’s by 1/17/2009.


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