The New Christians 8

It is finished!  I’ve been able to trod my way through the remaining pages of Tony Jones new book, The New Christians and I must say that overall I felt this was a very insightful, helpful read for me to better understand the emergent movement.  While I think it’s safe for me to say that I’m not emergent, I have come to feel that I may be more emergent than I’ve known or given myself credit for.  Certainly there is much, I feel that I can stand behind and support within the emergent church.  Yet, I feel as though it would be a gross misrepresentation to label myself as such.

Honestly, though I don’t feel the necessity or need to be labeled as emergent any more than I feel the need to be tagged with any other such label (evangelical for example).  I have always seemed to be less concerned with labels and more concerned to my position to Christ.  I want to be known as a Christ-follower not necessarily an emergent Christ-follower or an evangelical Christ-follower.  I realize that for some, both in and out of the church, labels are helpful and possibly even necessary; but not for me.

But as I said, The New Christians is a great tool for gaining an assessable primer on the emergent church.  I might say the fear has been removed and the sense of arrogance has mostly been removed (although I think some who in general speak under the banner of emergent would do well to reread the Emergent Village Values and Practices once more).

A good book, a helpful read and time well spent between the pages most certainly.  If you get a chance I encourage you to give a read through.


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