The Blue Parakeet [a conclusion]

While it unfortunately took me longer to read than originally intended, I’m pleased to say I’ve come to the end of the book.  A book that does a wonderful job at convincing the reader why they need yet another book on “how to read the Bible” sitting on their shelf.  I suspect however that The Blue Parakeet won’t sit on the shelf long, as this is one of those books you can’t help but pass on to others, so as to not hoard the wealth of information contained within.

Let me just say that until now, I’ve been one who, like some, tended to read the Bible through tradition at best and at worst read it through the lens of laziness.  Both of which fail to properly respect the Bible as well as fail to reveal the vast wonder that is the Bible story.  McKnight, proposes that we, when we read the Bible, read not through tradition but rather with tradition and in this way are best positioned to grasp the full impact of the Bible’s story and to then be able to apply the truths of that story to our lives today in our present cultural context.  

To better illustrate this point McKnight dedicates the final portion of the book to the highly controversial issue of women in ministry.  Using this issue as a test case, McKnight artfully, yet modestly unveils this issue for our time by viewing it with tradition and does well to point out that far too many within the church today have failed to properly read and understand the Bible’s position on the issue. A definite eye opener most certainly.

I might suggest that if it’s not too late you consider adding this book to your Christmas wish list in the hopes that you find it under the tree in near a month.  Well written and quite accessible to most anyone who would dare turn through the pages, The Blue Parakeet should be read by anyone who would also read the Bible.  For I think if you do, you’ll forever hear the sweet melody of the Bible’s blue parakeets welcoming you deeper into the story, and closer to the Author.  

What a beautiful song that would be!


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