Latest Read

It seems as though my “to read” list greatly out numbers my “am reading” list.  In an attempt to make some headway, I finished up the couple of books I have been in the midst of and have pulled from the top of the stack my current new read, Surprised By Hope Rethinking Heaven, The Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church.

surprised_by_hope_by_nt_wrightOnly a couple of chapters in, I’m already finding myself hooked and deeply drawn into a book many have raved about.  Thus far, Wright has laid out the problem, as he sees it, with how many, especially Christians, view death and therefore life after and life lived prior to.  I have a sense this book may profoundly influence some of my long held to beliefs on the subject.  If I’m being honest, I think this challenge okay.

While I doubt this will be a quick read, Wright’s books never are for me, I do hope this will be an informative, and formative read; and I hope to be able to offer thoughts along the way.  Here’s to being surprised by hope.


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