No Respect For My Birthday

December 21, 2008 I turned 32.  The day, while freezing cold, prooved to be one that was quite enjoyable; spending the day with family.  But most of all, what I enjoyed was how lovable Lily was toward me.  Throughout the day she would run up to me, wanting to be held or to cuddle or to even offer up a kiss (something she doens’t do all too liberally).  The day was topped off when in putting Lily to bed, Lindsay had left her door slightly cracked open; enough that Lily saw me walking by.  Running to the door, Lily just had to give me one final birthday kiss; which I thought was too cute and special.  This precious moment was however cut short when after giving me my final kiss, she proceeded to slam her bedroom door right in my face.  I guess even on your bithday you can’t expect too much respect out of a fickely 19 month old.


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