100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs

For the past few days I’ve been staying up to watch VH1’s 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs.  In many respects this has been a walk down memory lane, as I recalled many of the songs either from Mtv (when they actually showed music videos) or from my parents vinal collection.  While many a great song was featured throughout the countdown, I was surpried at the number 1 choice.   For three days I’ve been trying to figure outt who would capture the number 1 spot; my guess being Led Zeppelin.  To my surprise however, the number one spot was claimed by Guns-N-Roses Welcome To The Jungle.  Definately a hard rock song, but thee number 1 hard rock song, I’m not so sure.  AC/DC‘s Back In Black claimed the number 2 spot, and if it were up to me, I’d move that ahead of GNR. Oh well, I guess someone had to win, I just wish it would have been someone else.  If you were to pick a number 1 whom would it be?


One thought on “100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs

  1. Well I watched also. It is tough because The Ramones were #25 and Rush was #19. I was pleasantly surprised that the Ramones were even considered because they are Punk more than “HARD ROCK” Being a Rush fan it would have been nice seeing them closer to Number 1 but I think that AC/DC Back N’ Black should have been Number UNO.. jr<

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