The Joke That Is Self-Service


Obviously, the economic state of America has brought about changes to the routines and patterns of life. And while some times this change is for the better, other times it’s a bitter pill to swallow. One such change I’ve noticed is the conversion Meijer has made to self-service checkout lanes; basically where you scan, checkout and bag all your self.  In an apparent effort to encourage the use of these self-serve lanes Meijer is significantly decreasing the number of person-stationed checkout lanes. While not altogether busy today, Meijer only saw fit to have one of the twenty seven available person-stationed checkout lanes open. Not necessarily a matter of concern, minus the fact that there happened to be seven individual shoppers waiting to be checked out.  As a point of clarification, I was shopper number seven.  The annoying part about waiting in this long line of half-thawed ice cream, warm milk, and agitated humanity was the Meijer employ casing the line asking if any of us waiting would like to take advantage of the self-serve checkout lanes.  Apparently, this person figured us all to be quite stupid; as if we were unaware of this grand marvel and simply droned on up to the regular ol’ checkout lane of days gone by.  


If, I’d wanted to use the self-service checkout lane I’d been scanning my groceries already.  But you see, I like to have there be some sort of justification for the recent rise in Meijer’s prices; ergo I like to make an employee service me. I don’t think I’m asking too much. In fact, I’m asking them to do quite little in the grand scheme of my grocery shopping experience. Honestly, if I have to scan and bag myself, I might as well stay home and do my grocery shopping online; having the end product delivered straight to my door step.

Alas, I feel no better despite my best attempts at a rant directed toward the joke that is the self-service checkout lanes.  I guess I’m left eating a bowl of half-thawed ice cream.


3 thoughts on “The Joke That Is Self-Service

  1. oh, you have it all wrong. you see, there are times when those lanes will crash and stop working altogether. “what do you do?” you may ask. well, you get what you have packed up for free!! ok that only happened once to us but trust me, i use those lanes in hopes that it happens again:)

  2. I would be interested in understanding how you think the service could be improved – lets face it – self-service is not going to go away…so what constructive advice as a customer would you have for the self-service providers?

  3. Let it be known, I’m not opposed to all self-service; in fact I approve of most cases of it (refilling my own drink at a fast food joint). At Meijer however, it makes no sense (to me) to self-serve 2 weeks worth of groceries (which is how much I buy at a time), when I have to both scan and bag. It makes perfect sense I believe if you have a few items, but not a full cart full.

    So I guess I don’t have anything constructive to add in the way of ideas or advise…sorry.

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