Fastfood Sin

The other day I was struck with a revelation of sorts.  Allow me to share…

I just so happened to have an early morning drive to Huntington [for grad class], and being early, and not fully awake I easily convinced myself of the need for a McDonalds Iced Coffee [a guilty little pleasue of mine]. While waiting for my turn to order, I was further tempted in to also purchasing a couple of sausage biskets from the dollar menu.  

I placed my order, paid, procurred my purchase, and continued my journey toward Huntington, and that’s when it hit me. With my mouth full of sausage bisket, I suddenly realized the connection between my sausage bisket and sin. What I mean is, in the moment I craved the satisfaction given to me by the sausage bisket. It honestly tasted good, in that moment. And while I hadn’t yet finished, I could already begin to feel the effects of the grease, preservitives and who knows what all else begin to work adversly on my stomach and digestive system. In almost an instant, my desire for; my craving for this dollar delight was replaced with regret and remorse [for having ordered them in the first place]. 

I thought to myself, isn’t this exactly how sin works? In the moment sin appears to be appealing, delightful, fun, needed, wanted, craved. And in a moment, those feelings; those false feelings are replaced with our realization to the reality of our situation and we feel shame, guilt, regret and remorse. That is if we are not fully desensitised to our sinfulness.

Sin has a way of appearing as that thing we must have, and why not? It won’t cost us much [it’s only a dollar] we rationalize to our selves. But the reality is, sin has a high price–death according to the Bible. 

I know me well enough to know that despite this revelation, I will, some time in the future order another McDonalds sausage bisket; I hope when faced with my sins I’m able to recall this truth and turn away. Sparing myself the ill effects of giving in.  I pray you too will do the same.


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