Project 112, The Ledgend of the Nappatini

I think John Cougar Mellencamp said it best, “But I’ve seen it all in a small; had myself a ball in a small town.”   Those words were never truer for the small town of Nappanee, IN.  That is  until now!

With the onset of 2009, the sleepy Amish town of Nappanee, not only saw the ushering in of the Nation’s first African American President, but also they witnessed the birth of Project 112; Nappanee’s first ever martini bar.

While you might think the people of Nappanee prefer warm Schlitz beer to a martini,  you’d apparently be wrong.  Project 112, is nestled in the old hallows of a smoky bar since forgotten, complete with fresh paint and new decor.  Bid farewell to the  smoky bar, jukebox sing song of yesterday.  Project 112 is a scene straight out of the pages of any big city.  Offering the thirsty, Amish-seeking tourist an array of fine spirits and a select menu of tasty deli delights, Project 112 appears a welcome addition to the downtown scene.

Certainly for some Project 112 is nothing more than a spruced up version of their favorite watering hole, but for many it’s a fresh face on a town better known for it’s antique stores and Amish-crafted furniture.

So the next time you’re passing through the small town of Nappanee on the pavement better known as the Army of the Grand Republic Highway, why not stop off for a taste of the finer things and enjoy yourself a stay at Project 112?

The Bar

The Bar

The Front

The Front

The Back

The Back

The Art

The Art

The Food

The Food


8 thoughts on “Project 112, The Ledgend of the Nappatini

  1. It’s a full service bar where they have to look up how to make all the drinks other than martinis. The food is overpriced, you spend $8 on a grilled chicken salad which has nothing but lettuce, cheese and chicken. Not red cabbage, onions, carrots, nothing. Oh and they sometimes like to forget to put the chicken on. I give this bar tops 8 months before they shut down, that is unless they shape up.

  2. I dropped by w/a friend of mine a few nights ago and was blown away by what I saw. The environment was amazing. They weren’t super busy at the time but its a great place to grab a bite for lunch or just a drink. If you’re hanging out with friends and get the munchies, they’ll make it for you…AT ANY HOUR (this is huge for Nappanee)…yup…even at 1:00am…not like surrounding establishments where they’ll only serve you a bag of chips after 10 or 11:00. And where else can you sit and talk with the owners for hours about chips, Ebay, entertainers, Aunts, the economy and whatever else strikes you. Everyone who entered, talked to everyone else like neighbors. This place has got some HUGE POTENTIAL for being THE hangout for a younger crowd…and of course whoever else wanders in. Its also a great place for musicians/bands to be heard…contact them…they’re also looking to start booking tasteful entertainment…CALL TO BOOK YOUR BAND/MUSICIAN 574-773-0607

  3. This place rocks, pool tables, cool atmosphere, nice upscale environment with fresh decor and great food at a great price. This isn’t like the other smoky run down bars with the same old people. The drinks are better than any other place around town and beyond and priced better. You also get top notch service from people who care about customers. They will take care of you here and make sure you have a good time. This place being non-smoking and cool art on the walls just gets it, nowhere else will you find this. Get ready Project 112 because you guys are soon to be the place to be in Elkhart county and beyond.

  4. Hey, the negitative person who put Project 112 down… surprise pal, they do not and never have had a grilled chicken salad… you are dead wrong! Also, their staff is great and still learning… what difference does it make to you if they have to look up a recipe? You, obviously have no idea the extremely large amount of differenct drinks there are… Overpriced, don’t think so… maybe this place isn’t for you… you know…

  5. I agree that this place is going to be a great hang out for the younger/middle aged crowd. I was in it Friday night and there wasn’t many people but I definitely want to come back when it is busy. I have spread the word already and haven’t even got the total effect of it yet.

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