Lost at SeaDon’t you just hate when you misplace something, especially if that “something” is important or valuable?  I doubt I’ve ever met a person who doesn’t go slightly crazy when found in this position.  Alas, that is the position I now find myself.  I’ve misplaced something; something important and valuable and all efforts to find this thing have come up empty.  

It’s maddening, as my every thought eventually shifts toward this thing I’ve misplaced; or worse yet–lost!  I feel consumed by the need to retrace my steps, even though I’ve already traced and retraced several times over.  All to no avail.

Where could it be?  Where has it gone?  Why can’t I find it?  On and on my thoughts race.

I try and remain calm.  Trusting it will eventually turn up; that it will again be found.  Yet the small voice in my head says otherwise, and so I continue to obsese, fret, panic, and worry.

In the midst of this mental state I was reminded of the story of the lost coin from Luke 15 and how Jesus so despertly seaches for those that are lost.  Like a woman turning the upside down to find her one lost coin.  The good news being that once  found, their is great rejoicing; a great celebration.

While I do hope I find this thing I’ve lost, I take comfort in knowing that I’ve been found by Jesus, and pray that you too can say the same.  If not, know he’s looking for you and he so strongly desires to find you.  

Will you be found by him?


[photo by: Vince Petaccio via stock.xchng


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