Too Comfortable

overstuffed chairI’m not entirely certain what sparked this thought in me and even why I feel the need to put it out there, so to say.  It’s quickly becoming my firm belief that the Church of North America is far too comfortable; and this is not a good position I feel.

As a pastor you can most given Sundays find me in church, and more specifically sanctuary, right side, second pew.  This past Sunday I happened not to have any up front responsibilities and for some strange reason chose to sit sanctuary, left side, eighth pew.  I really thought nothing of the change, until several people sitting around began questioning why the change?  This continued further during the greeting time, and I feel it’s fair to say some people were a bit concerned as to why I’d change pews.  

In fairness, I have sat sanctuary, right side, second pew for almost ten years now, but it’s not like I wore a dress to church or did something far from ordinary.  People sit in different pews all the time–don’t they?

In part I think it was the reaction I received to my changing seats that has shifted my thoughts to wonder about how comfortable we in the church are and are allowing ourselves to become.  Without question there are a vast many books and articles to this point, but the question I have is why?

Why have we allowed ourselves to become comfortable in our faith; in our relationship with God?

Why do we seem to want to avoid “rocking the boat” even when we feel strongly that the boat needs rocked?

Why is change so difficult for us to come to terms with, preferring the status quo more times than not?

Why have we allowed the passion of our first love to die off and be replaced with contentedness; as if life with Jesus should ever been content!

How must God feel when he looks at his bride in North America?

How our desire for comfort even in worship, must pain Him?

Is comfort bad?  Are there benefits to be had from it?  Is it really hindering our worship, our relationship with God or it there more to it?

Or how about; what will cause you to become uncomfortable, and are you ready for it?  Do you secretly long for a bit of discomfort knowing that it might be the vary thing your relationship with God needs?

Are you too comfortable?



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