Rachael Ray’s Secret


So I’m watching Rachael Ray today and she’s making basically a soup and grilled cheese.  While working on the grilled cheese, she says, “let me show you a little secret…”  The big secret?  Butter both sides of your bread prior to grilling.  

Really, that’s your big secret?  My Mom’s been doing that since I was two!

I hate to be the one to burst Rachael’s bubble, but this is no secret; at least not in our house.



5 thoughts on “Rachael Ray’s Secret

  1. I swear to you, this is news to me. I am a culinary genius, after all, and I have never considered buttering both sides. Does it really make much of a difference? Do tell…

  2. You have got to be joking Shannan! It makes the whole cooking process simpler and easier (you’ll have to see to believe I guess.) I guess my Mom (Lindsay also does this, always has as long as we’ve been married anyway) is just ahead of the curve. Let me know how it goes for you…

  3. Are you interpreting that as both sides of the sandwich, or as both sides of each slice of bread? I think she means both sides of slice of bread. Lindsay’s mom just does both sides of the sandwich. So, if Lindsay does both sides of each slice of bread, I don’t know where she learned it. BTW – I completely agree with Michelle. That girl is just plain evil. =D

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