My Father’s Arms

*I knew this would happen…I post about not being able to post and the very next day I offer a new post.

—– —– —–

It happened later than I expected, sooner than I’d have preferred; Lily had a full, one hundred percent, complete and total meltdown tonight. Lately she has been extra clingy, especially toward Lindsay. Tonight the fuse was lit when Lindsay left for her Mother’s Bible study. As Lindsay made her way toward the car, Lily grew increasingly discontent, screaming through tears “Mommy!” This continued and intensified for several minutes creating quite the barricade against my efforts to calm her down and distract her from the situation at hand. Finally, feeling as though the normal options were proving all but useless, we made our way up to her room. I was hoping a change of location and the prospect to dawn her favorite PJ’s would help to calm her down. Quite the contrary. 3-2-1 MELTDOWN!

Lily was now beside herself throwing a picture perfect meltdown of Hollywood proportions. Everything I tried failed, until I decided to simply turn off the light, scoop her into my arms and stand there in the middle of the darkened room and gently rock her back and forth. All the while whispering in her ear, “Daddy loves you sweetheart. Everything is alright. Daddy loves you, it’s going to be okay.”

In an instant she stopped crying and her body relaxed, her breathing slowed and within minutes she was asleep in my arms. Content as if life had always been so.

There in that moment I understood better the meaning of God’s love for his children. For the patience he has with us in the midst of our tantrums. For the care he holds us with. For the security of his voice whispering, “Daddy loves you.  is alright. It’s going to be okay. Daddy loves you.” 

Father never stop holding me in your arms when I find myself in the midst of the storm. Whisper louder than my cries and help me to hear your gentle, powerful voice above my cries and yells.  Hold me close. Rock me to calm. Kiss my forehead and bring me content peace. Amen.


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