Geocaching — Ever Heard Of It?

Over the weekend, Lindsay and I became familiar with the term Geocaching.  Quite simply, Geocaching is a world wide GPS guided treasure hunt.  All you need really is some time, a sense of adventure and a GPS — that’s it! 

With help from the tax man and a good sale at Target, we were able to purchase a GPS–the Garmin Nuvi 200W.  Previously I had simply used my phone; but since Verizon has seen fit to charge a monthly rate for everything now.  I have had to forego using my cell phone as a standby GPS unit.

With our new “toy” we discovered Geocaching (Lindsay was somewhat familiar already thanks to some fellow GC’ers she knows).  Today, before work I discovered my first GC — “Black Squirrel.”  We had actually tried finding it Easter Sunday but were unsuccessful.  I couldn’t let it rest, as we were so close, I had to find it today before work or risk total consumption of my thoughts all day.  So while fighting the cold and wind, I set out to find the Black Squirrel and to my great surprise I did.  Here is a picture of the contents.

I look forward to many more adventures, and many more unique finds as the Smith’s become bonafide Geocachers.


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