Welcome Nappanee Pizza Company

Most of the world can offer a collective “thank you” to Gennaro Lombardi for introducing the first pizza pie to North America in 1905.  Fast forward over one hundred years to the small town of Nappanee, In where we introduce the Nappanee Pizza Company.


Living in Nappanee you simply come to understand a couple of things regarding pizza…

1. There aren’t many options.
2. There are zero delivery options.
3. Frozen pizza  made at home is probably the best option.

That’s all about to change for Nappanee.  Residing in the former home of the defunct Big Papa C’s Pizza, NPC has turned the place around 180 degrees.

With a new look that is fresh and inviting, to a menu that is top notch, the NPC is something I personally hope carves a deep niche into the culinary fabric of our town.

Tonight, we sampled the bacon cheeseburger pizza and “famous” bread sticks.  In a word, “DELICIOUS!”  The bread sticks are definitely the best in town and the pizza has a wonderful, fresh, original sauce that is the signature of the pizza.

Unfortunately we were so consumed in consuming we forgot to take a nice progression of pictures.  However, enjoy these couple of sneak peaks into the NPC.  Honestly, the best thing is to go visit them for yourselves and enjoy.  Then repeat and repeat and repeat.



NPC is Lily Approved!

NPC is Lily Approved!


7 thoughts on “Welcome Nappanee Pizza Company

  1. I used to be a big fan of Big Papa C’s, at least in the beginning. But the NPC is so much better than BPC or anything else in town for that matter. It really is very good pizza.

  2. I know I am probably the only person on earth who didn’t like pizza! But this pizza is AWESOME! I actually crave it and jump at the chance at some of it….

    If you haven’t already, try it!

  3. I love this pizza! My husband likes the other new place in town better (he prefers their sauce over NPC) but any time I get the chance to choose the pizza I pick NPC. I love their sauce! Tonight I called and ordered for delivery and was told it would be 45-50 min, but then about 20 min later our hot, fresh pizza was there. And the delivery guy was super nice! Thanks for great service and terrific pizza!

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