Pespsi Goes Old School


Have you heard the news?  You can now get Pepsi and Mountain Dew the way it was meant to be, made with  natural sugar.  What does this mean?  No sticky aftertaste that leaves you less than quenched and refreshed–thank you high frutocus corn syrup.  Not nearly as sweet; Pepsi/Mountain Dew Throwback is a crisp, clean tasting soda that leaves you wanting more.  Aparently this is only being offered for a limited time so you’d best hurry and stock up.  Personally, I’d be quite content if Pepsi pulled the current formula off the shelf and stuck with the Throwback.  Come what may, I’ll be enjoying the Throwback as long as I can.


3 thoughts on “Pespsi Goes Old School

  1. We have seen the Pepsi commercial – Andrew especially likes it when I sing along – but didn’t know they were doing it for Mountain Dew too.

  2. John, I had the very same thought at first, but was disappointed to find the standard wide-mouth, aluminum can of today.

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