Closing the Deal

Hand-of-God_3Reading in Jeremiah 11 this morning, from The Message; I came across these words…

Obey what I tell you.  Do exactly what I command you.  Your obedience will close the deal.

While I know this was a specific word from God to Jeremiah for his time and place, it’s impossible to not notice how true the words ring for me (us, everyone) today.  I’m struck by the harsh reality that often times we turn this around, suggesting that if God does for us then we’ll obey.  How backwards and awkward this thinking is.  How untrue and distorted.

Isn’t it ironic how often times we beg and plead with God to do this or that, subconsciously thinking that if and when God comes through that will be sign enough for us to fully act the way we know we ought all the while.  Yet, the reality is we are to be the first to act.  Humbling words to the prophet Jeremiah.  Humbling words to us.  Humbling words to me.

God may I do well to close the deal with you today!


2 thoughts on “Closing the Deal

  1. No scripture is ONLY for a certain time and place or it wouldn’t have been included in the canon. All scripture is God-breathed and useful for doctrine, reproof, etc., etc. (I know you already know this.) Be blessed. =D

  2. Great! Just happened upon it but nothing is happenstance with God! In order for God to “close the deal” means that there must have been an initiation of it on our part through obedience. Good thought!

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