Amazing or Frightening?

Back in high school I held a job working various duties in the kitchen of a local family style restaurant.  One such duty was being responsible for ordering the necessary food for the week.  This aspect of the job put me in direct contact with salesmen from the different food vendors we bought from.  I recall one time a particular salesman attempting to sell us “french fries.”  In reality what they were was a potato-like wedge, when after frying you’d sprinkle potato flavoring over top.  While they some what tasted like what you’d expect (and want) a french fry to taste like; they were for all efforts disgusting!

This brings me to my point herein; Pringles Restaurant Cravers Mozzarella Sticks & Marinara.

I’m undecided as to whether it’s amazing or frightening that these chips actually taste like mozzarella sticks & marinara from any given restaurant.  Granted, it’s certainly not a substitute for the real thing.  However, unlike the potato-like wedges that haunt my past; Pringles has somehow managed to create a product that for the most part is rather enjoyable to the pallet (assuming you enjoy mozzarella & marinara, of course).


One thought on “Amazing or Frightening?

  1. So, I am glad that you posted this. I was in NY this extended w/e and on the way home in PA we stopped at a convenience station that had an end cap of Burger King product flavored chips. I was following along with the flavors until I came upon the French Toast Stick flavor. Y.U.C.K.! They had ketcup & fries, onion ring, french toast, and flame broiled burger flavors as well….I guess I should actually be more grossed out by the latter of the the choices!

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