A God Encounter (expanded)

Had you searched Facebook this morning, and if we’re friends (on Facebook anyhow), you may have noticed this…

God Encounter_FBThis statement stems from two sources.  First, this is a question we have started asking our youth every Sunday night; as a way of reflecting back on the week and taking note of where and how God has shown up in their lives.  Secondly, it ties into this story as well.

As Paul Harvey would say, “And now for the rest of the story.”

…This morning after dropping Lindsay off at the Library, I figured I just might be able to make the desk fit into my car; at least enough to travel the one block back to the house.  What I quickly discovered was it in fact did not, would not fit into my car anyway or anyhow and thus I was left to leave it sit where I found it.  I did not go away empty handed, as for my efforts to hoist the desk into the trunk, I was rewarded with a rather generous slathering of mud and grime on my shirt and pants.  Not a big deal, after all I was a mere block from home.

As I pull up to the house, I notice the neighbor boy dart across our yard to the neighbor’s front door.  Normally I’d not think anything of such a sight, as it’s something we see quite often.  However, today was different, for today his darting took place several minutes into the start of school–he was running late.  As I exited the car, I simply asked him what was going on.  To which he replied, he’d overslept and needed a ride to school.  Without hesitation or intentional thought, I offered to give him a ride, assuming he could wait the minute or two I needed to change.

We chatted briefly as I drove the mile to the school, dropped him at the front door and wished him well.  As I drove away it hit me this was my God encounter for the day.  Had I not needed to run home and change, I’d never ran into the neighbor boy and would have missed the opportunity to offer him a ride.  I’m constantly amazed that when we are intentional about noticing God at work in our lives, He’s quite obvious.

I’ll forego over-spiritualizing this moment, although I hope you realize the spiritual significance of it.  God said they will know we are His by our love.  Love need only take on the simplest of forms.

So I ask you, where have you encountered God this week?


One thought on “A God Encounter (expanded)

  1. Thank you for sharing this!

    To be honest, I encounter God every moment of my life. Today, the sunset was absolutely breath-taking and it reminded me of our eternal existence.

    Be blessed!

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