…Up To Lately

I imagine that for most people who blog or attempt to blog on a regular basis there comes seasons when keeping the blog current ranks low on the priority list.  Presently, this is where I’m living.  As such, I’ve lately felt a tinge of guilt at the lack of posts and thought I might ease my guilt by sharing what I’ve been up to lately.

In a word; “Reading.”

Presently I’m in various stages of several different books as I prepare for my last and final Masters class (the culmination project will still remain a little longer however).

So while there doesn’t exist plenty of material to blog about, the truth is, if it’s not happening in one of several books… it’s not happening in my world.

That said, I am able from time to time to offer snippets of personal randomness here and there; which I conveniently host here.  As always, thanks for reading and journeying with me.


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