Devotional Thought, Day 6

Reading: Genesis 19-21 (ESV)

Devotional Thought: Genesis 20:1-7

I’ll admit, I almost focused my thoughts today on the story of Lot and his interactions with the two men and the towns people, from chapter 19. Instead however, I want to focus my attention on a tucked away little phrase from the passage that reads, “6Then God said to him in the dream, “Yes, I know that you have done this in the integrity of your heart, and it was I who kept you from sinning [emphasis added].”

What I find interesting is not that God kept Abimelech from sinning, rather that in the next verse it is indicated that even though God protection was upon him, he had the opportunity to sin. “7But if you do not return her, know that you shall surely die, you and all who are yours [emphasis added].”

I think sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking that God will some how magically protect us from sin. Certainly, I believe he provides us a means to either stand up to or flee sin; but magically protect, I don’t think so. In the end the choice still remains with us whether or not we fall prey to the sin struggles in our lives. Rather than fooling ourselves thinking that as Christians God will take care of dealing with this issue for us. We need to be diligent to engage the battle and do our part in securing a victory over sin in our lives.

Maybe a simple reminder, but a good reminder nonetheless I believe.


One thought on “Devotional Thought, Day 6

  1. This can be taken back to an earlier part of Genesis… The Original Sin. The point that most people don’t get is that sin is done of free will. People think that God will protect them from everything, but in reality he provides a way out, ultimately it’s your choice whether you take that route or you go sin. And that’s where the question comes in “Why does God allow sin to exist?” He allows it to exist because he will not interfere with our free will. He lets us make the mistakes, and lets us pay for them.

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