Adventures in Buffet

Generally speaking I enjoy most any Chinese Buffet. What determines if I come back is the quality and flavor of the Crab Rangoon. Quite honestly, if every other food item on the buffet was of sub par quality, but the Crab Rangoon was good, I’d keep the buffet on my “definitely-try-again list.”

Tonight, having been caught up in the excitement and serendipity of the rising temperature, bright blue sky, and gentle hint that spring is on it’s way; we decided to set off in search of a “good” Chinese Buffet.

Our adventure lead us to Elkhart, a town not too far from home, yet a place we rarely ever venture towards. I wish I could offer a reason as to why, but frankly I don’t think we have one. So with the wind at our backs and the sun beginning it’s slow decent into the western sky we headed off in search from food (specifically Crab Rangoon).

As would be the case, we stumbled upon quite literally a quaint, little place known as the North Garden Buffet. While I didn’t notice anywhere around a garden, north was accurate as we were mere feet from entering Michigan. I’m pleased to say the very first thing I noticed upon entering the North Garden was the billows of steam rising from the three buffet tables. This has to be a sign of good things to come, right?

Indeed! In addition to discovering the North Garden does have really good Crab Rangoon, they also had fresh steamed crab legs on the buffet, and all for under $9.00. Honestly, it’s hard to find most Chinese dinner buffets that list for less than $10 and or have crab legs on the menu.

The North Garden, while not fancy, was at least hot, and for what I ate, tasted good. And I think we all can agree that if you can get either one of those options at a Chinese Buffet you’re doing well; but to have both… Well, that’s something special.

So the next time you’re just south of the state line in Elkhart, and you happen to be craving Chinese, swing by the North Garden and see it helps to quench your cravings.

North Garden Buffet

2900 Cassopolis St
Elkhart, IN 46514

(sorry no pictures)

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