50 Degrees, Time to Grill

Beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful, splendid… These are but a few words that come to mind when I think about the weather we were greeted with today. While not yet spring; cracking the 50 degree point sure made it feel like it. What better way to celebrate and enjoy the day than to pull the cover from the Weber and grill some USDA beef?

The plan was hatched and set into motion around lunch time, earlier in the day. All that was needed to make the plan a huge success was a fresh bag of charcoal; Kingsford of course. Easy enough to pick up from the store after work. So upon arriving home, I quickly pulled the grill from storage and made it ready to once again set meat to heat.

The coals turned to an orange, ember glow easily enough, the meat was seasoned and ready, begging to be laid on to the rack of the grill. While Lily enjoyed her self on the swing; something she’s waited months to again be able to enjoy, the gentle breeze danced about. The picture was near perfect, save for a small bit of crusted snow in the shadows of the lawn.

Once the meat hit the grill it was only a matter of time before the transfer to plate to dinner table would be complete. Twenty minutes, and four turns later the meat was perfectly cooked to a juicy medium-well. Complete with steamed fresh green beans and garlic parmesan noodles, the meal was a tasty reminder of more spring and summer days to come.

While waiting on the coals I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to enjoy a bowl of Skilling.

Cooked to perfection. I always say a well seasoned & cooked steak needs no extra table dressing (i.e. A1 Steak Sauce).



2 thoughts on “50 Degrees, Time to Grill

    • Agreed! I worked as a grill cook for a number of years during my HS days and it used to drive me nuts when I would cook a great steak and they would destroy it before even taking a bite.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog and for taking the time to leave your 2cents.

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