of Being and Doing

Like all good followers of Jesus, I’ve been lax in my Bible reading of late, and took it upon myself yesterday to get back after the devotional pursuit. Knowing what works best for me, I again turned to my trusted devotional tool and friend, YouVersion. With 30 plus reading plans I made the decision to begin Plan 345, which will have me read the New Testament through in the year.

Wanting to stay the course, especially on day two, I sat down for today’s Scripture reading and found this note waiting for me when I got there.

“There is no reading for today, enjoy your day off…”

I’ll admit, I was both shocked and surprised. This statement flies in the face of all I’ve come to believe about devotional reading. Namely you don’t ever, ever miss a day and if by chance you do; well guilt is sure to ensue. But I’ve been given a day off. A free pass. A day free of guilt for missing my devotions.

Not only is this extremely liberating, it’s not a half bad idea. After all Psalms tells us to hide God’s word in our hearts, not put a check mark beside a ToDo list tab. Hiding God’s word takes effort, and time and intentionality. It’s not something to be done quickly, and without any real thought; at least I don’t think so. And wouldn’t it be a nice trap of the enemy to have us believing that if we miss a devotional appointment we have fall far from grace and are beyond all hope, thus not bothering to wake up tomorrow and try again.

I’m sure many who strive to have a vibrant devotional life struggle at times and I hope that you too will afford yourself a day off and in doing so will find the freedom that is cultivating a devotional life in the first place.


One thought on “of Being and Doing

  1. I liked your comment about missing a day and then not waking up to try again tomorrow. When we did NT-90 I kept wishing that Pastor Tom would ask for people to stand up if they did all of the reading for the week. I understood his intention…but I would miss days and stay seated and then fall more behind and then it seemed impossible to catch up. I know “catching up” wasn’t really the point, but we do get caught up in that trap. At least I do. 🙂

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