The Power of Authority

Recently, I was sent this video by a family member who figured I’d find a bit of humor in it all. Instead, I had a thought. Before I share however,  take a moment and watch the video.

As I watched the video, I thought about the degree of power that comes with a position of authority. Obviously authority can be miss used and even abused (the video proves that), but when properly utilized authority can be a powerful tool which can be put to positive uses.

What I find interesting is often times people don’t perceive themselves in a position of authority. The fact of the matter is however, most all of us are in a position of authority over at least one other person. While you’re position may be minimal compared to what you’d prefer, it is nonetheless a position of authority and therefore a position of power.

It’s a rather sobering thought when we really allow ourselves to ponder the amount of authority we possess and over whom we possess it. When we stop and consider, honestly, how we use our authority it can be a bit unsettling or encouraging.

My hope would be that regardless of the degree of your authority, you are using well the power afforded you by it. May you put your authority to good use. May you find that when you do you are given more in return which only leads to more good for those around you.


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