Project 365 for 2011

About the middle of 2010, I discovered Project 365. Quite simply, Project 365 is a daily photo journal anyone can embark on. Generally, one would begin such a project at the beginning of the year; I however, am not such a person. Truth be told, I was caught up in the excitement and possibilities of beginning such an endeavor, that I jumped in mid-year. Unfortunately I also jumped out before 2010 came to a close; for various reasons I won’t bore you with here.

Suffice it to say, with the beginning of 2011, I have set out once again, to undertake my Project 365. My hope is that by beginning the first of the year, I’ll position myself for greater success. I suppose we’ll see 365 days from now if I’m successful or not.

Enough chitter-chatter… Let’s begin day 1 of 2011 with a photo that I believe sums the day perfectly…

This is why you ought to never resolve to begin a diet starting January 1. We ate well to begin the new year. In fact, we ought to eat well for a few more days this new year, with the vast amount of left overs we still have.


For those who care about such things, this photo was taken using my Droid 2… I’m a rather simple photographer in that regard. It was lightly edited using Picasa.

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