This Is Not A Resolution…

…but rather a declaration of intended goals. You see, I’ve never been one to strive for new year’s resolutions; for everyone knows you only resolve year after year to establish that which you intend to break. Or at least that is what my inner cynicism has always told me.

Thus, many a new year has come and gone, and I’ve been content to pay little attention to those who set resolutions, goals, desired outcomes and the like. That is until this year. I little think all that much has changed. Then again, maybe a whole lot has changed. Regardless, I found myself lying awake in the final days of 2010 contemplating the necessity to set for myself a grouping of new year goals.

Note my on going efforts to avoid referring to said goals as them being a resolution… But I digress.

It all stemmed from a blip in a magazine encouraging the consideration of setting for one’s self goals in the following areas of life: physical, spiritual, professional, personal, & emotional.

One suggestion to better success in keeping these goals is public accountably; thus my offering here.

So I’ve had some time to consider what my goals for this new year might be, and after much consideration I give to you the following; my goals for 2011. Feel free to join in helping to hold me accountable.

Spiritual:: I will seek to read through the entire Bible by Dec. 31, 2011 (with the help of the YouVersion daily reading plan).

Physical:: While it may not sound like much, I will limit my soda intake to 2 drinks per day.

Professional:: I will finish reading two currently in-process books (by end of February) and will read a total of at least 5 other books by the end of the year.

Personal:: I will stick with my Project 365, throughout the year, and read two fiction books by the end of the year (I rarely read fiction).

Emotional:: I will be more intentional about not “stressing the small stuff.” With a three-year-old I tend to not always do this well.

Sitting here today, I want to believe that by the end of the year, I will have done well to achieve my goals. I guess I’ll have to wait and see…


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