Project 365 [day 15]

I am pleased to say that we are the proud new owners of a Keurig coffee machine. Up until just recently, I was totally unaware of such things, content to make do with good ol’ Mr. Coffee. But while visiting family over Christmas I was introduced to the wonder and amazement that is Keurig coffee.

Honestly, it’s maybe not all that special. It’s just a coffee maker after all. But the one feature I have quickly fallen in love with is the convenience of how it makes your coffee. There is no measuring, no real wait time for brewing to occur; it’s simply quick and easy, thanks to these handy dandy K cups.

Yes, the wonder and amazement of the Keurig coffee machine, is in fact, found in the K cup. The other added benefit of the K cup is the opportunity for cup by cup variety, unlike with traditional coffee makers (for the most part anyway, as I’m sure someone could contend that you could by several different smaller sample backs of traditional coffee).  But who wants that hassle?  Not I, no, not I.

Thus, welcome to the family Mr. Keurig. I hope you find our home to be your home. Mr. Coffee your eviction notice has been served, the curb awaits you.

For those who care about such things, this photo was taken using my Droid 2… I’m a rather simple photographer in that regard. It was lightly edited using Picasa.

Okay, maybe I was too harsh on Mr. Coffee… while you can’t stay, we do thank you for your years of faithful service. Now get out.



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