Blessed In The Process

Do you ever find yourself lost in thought while doing the most mundane of tasks? Of course you do. Likely, most all of us find ourselves here from time to time. It was this exact state or position I found myself in this afternoon, while working to reduce the “housework to do list.”

As I dusted, swept, folded laundry, and put away groceries, I got to thinking how much I enjoy — dare I say love — a freshly cleaned house. After all, who of us doesn’t love this sort of thing, right?

And while I was beginning to move my thoughts forward to the moment in time when all the work of my day would pay out in wonderful ways; with less dust covering the flat surfaces and the pleasant smell of “clean” hanging ever so softly in the air. I was jolted back to reality by the realization that, while I indeed love the end result of a hard days work cleaning house, the process itself I nearly can’t tolerate.

I’ll just be honest, I don’t much care for the pushing of the sweaper or the spraying of dust spray; never mind trying to get all the knick-knacks back to their rightful places. I love a clean house, but I do not — hear me now — love cleaning house.

My “ah ha” moment, amid the dust spray, lead me to ponder life and faith and how in very much the same way many Christ-followers circum to this very same reality. They (We) want the end result of following after Christ (heaven), but they don’t always want the work that is involved leading up to getting there.

What possibly scares me most in this is I know the attitude I sometimes must put on in order to “bear-through” the work to get to the desired end result. God help us, if as your followers, we are simply “bearing-through” to get to heaven. I do believe God intended his followers to experience a much more robust sort of life (John 10:10) along the way.

It’s true, house work isn’t always fun, and it’s equally true that living a life that is not our own isn’t always fun either, but the end result is still the same — not a clean house or heaven — but rather that through our perseverance we are blessed in the process of the journey and it’s the journey that often times, I believe, is the real prize in the end.


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