Project 365 (day 218)


Today marks 12 years of marriage to my best friend, and soul mate. The past twelve years have been filled with all sorts of adventure; and I’m sure the years to come will be filled with more of the same.

Adding to the adventure of our lives is the story of my tattoo; my first tattoo. For years the word broken has held a special place in my life. When I was 15 I drew up what I thought I wanted as a tattoo and included in that drawing was this word. For whatever reason I never pursued following through with getting the tattoo; even while friends around me were getting inked themselves, and opportunity to do so was plentiful. For years I held on to the word in my heart and mind, keeping it to myself.

Lately, broken has resurfaced, as I’m being stretched in my faith and in my life. The reality is this… I’m broken, we all are. We’re born this way, and regardless of how hard we might try and repair ourselves we can’t. We can’t will ourselves be unbroken, we can’t wish our brokenness away. Nothing we can do can change this condition of ourselves.

But being broken, doesn’t mean we’re broke, beyond redemption or hope. Quite the opposite. God in his quest to redeem us back to himself allowed our brokenness to be caught up in the breaking of his Son Jesus on the cross. Jesus was broken for me, for all of us. Jesus has taken my brokenness and redeemed it. You could say he’s made me unbroken.

For me, this tattoo represents the reality of who I am; that on my own I fail and fall short. That without Jesus I have nothing and am nothing. It’s a reminder to me to never forsake the gift that’s been given to me in Jesus. This is why the “O” is filled in; it represents the nail scars that Jesus bears on his wrists. It reminds me he was broken for me.

A broken life, lived for Christ is an amazing life of mission and purpose. It’s full of wonder and adventure and promise. I am grateful I’ve been given a chance at this sort of life, and I well imagine that as my tattoo helps to strike up conversation with others, they too may come to know and live this very same sort of life.

A life that is broken for Christ.


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