Here We Go Again

Fancy smart phone apps, and computer widgets aside, you very well could set your calendar by the frequency in which I make a change to the look and feel of my blog — about every six months. I don’t know what it is within me that sparks the internal debate on whether or not it’s both time for and a good idea to make a blog design change. I do know however, that the internal debate will continue to rage on and on if I don’t hurry to do something; that something generally being to make a change.

For what it’s worth, I’m going to point fingers and cast blame on FPFG, as she recently linked to me in a post of hers, which in turn drove a large hand full of new readers to my blog, which in turn caused me to begin wondering about the look and feel of my blog, which in turn has led me here — ultimately¬†making a change yet again. The good news for FPFG, this link back to her from me, will not likely drive new masses to her site, and therefore she ought to remain steady and confident in her current blog design choice. Wink, wink!


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