Cautious Judgement

I’ll be the first to admit I’m far from up to speed on current events. I typically don’t follow the news, watch movies while they’re in theaters, or know the latest gossip. After all, I’m a parent of a 4-year old, and unless it’s happening on Sesame  Street, I don’t typically know about it. I have however caught enough news reel to know a bit of the Penn State going-on’s.

Today while out and about at the store, I over heard a couple of guys talking about what’s been happening at Penn State, and while I don’t intend to comment on the story itself (after all I’m not that caught up on things), I was struck by the comment I happened to over hear. One of the men commented, “The entire athletic program should be shut down!”

Wow, that seems maybe a bit harsh. Then again maybe it isn’t. But what really struck me was how easy it was to lay down a end-all-be-all judgment. Really, what did this guy have to loose if the entire Penn State athletic program was shut down.

I think we must be careful not to judge too quickly or harshly, especially when we are little more than bystanders. I would imagine this guy would feel quite differently should the same sort of harsh judgment ever be directed his way.

I’m not saying what happened is right, all I’m saying is, we ought to give a moments pause before passing out judgment. Besides, my understanding is, judgment isn’t up to us in the end anyway. It’s reserved for only One.


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