Sorry, I Can’t Keep Quite About This

I have to admit, this pisses me all the way off. I’m being serious… what possible eternal good does smearing this statement all over our Facebook for the next 25 days do? Why haven’t we been as vigilant to market the phrase Keep CHRIST in Monday or Tuesday or March or you get the idea.

I understand the time around the Christmas holiday is a time where we as people put more emphasis on and thought toward the person of Christ, and I’m fine with that. I like hearing and reading the Christmas story, and even enjoy some of the carols. But I just don’t see the necessity or good that comes out of this statement and those like it.

As if to suggest that we’ve completely forgotten or are somehow morally at peace with the fact that Jesus most likely wasn’t born on December 25 and that the celebration of Christmas is a co-opted pagan holiday Christians re-purposed (not that, that’s at all something bad).

I think part of why this bothers me so much is the amount of time, energy and effort Christians put into trying to insure this happens. Mounting huge campaignes (i.e. boycotts) on any retailer who dares utter, “Happy Holidays” when you walk in their doors, instead of Merry CHRISTmas for example. Seriously? Do you really think Jesus gets all hung up and cares all that much on a persons greeting these next couple of weeks? Or do you think he cares about so much the larger picture? You know, the grand eternal, kingdom issues of the persons heart and how his representatives represent him during this season.

I think if you want to do well to keep Christ in CHIRSTmas this holiday season, don’t be an idiot about it. Instead go serve your neighbor and shovel the snow from their walk for no other reason than it’s maybe what Jesus would do for them. Or help push someone out of a ditch at 6 in the morning, because no one else cares enough to trouble themselves to help, but you will, cause Jesus would. You do not… hear me, YOU DO NOT keep Christ in CHRISTmas by sporting a bumper sticker or Facebook profile picture stating as much. You do so by being the redemptive love of Jesus to a cold and hurting world every chance you get.

So this Christmas do well to keep Christ in it, and strive to keep him at the forefront of your heart and life every day as you join him in the greatest journey you possibly can; the journey to help restore the world he’s placed you in.


3 thoughts on “Sorry, I Can’t Keep Quite About This

  1. I could not agree more. We need to remember that Christ needs to be remembered throughout the year. Sometimes we can get hung up on sayings that we forget that Christ died for those that do not know him or those that have chosen to ignore him. We need to be His hands and feet. I stand with you on this. Lets become lights and healing touches to this world that is hurting

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