Pray for the Nations

Over the past few months, I’ve been reading through the book Radical, by David Platt. I’ve found this to be the sort of book you don’t dare read, unless you go into it resolved to the fact that you’re likely not going to come out on the other end with your life intact. I honestly don’t think it’s possible to truly read this book, and not have your life as you know it, turned upside down and inside out. As painful as that may sound though, I believe (at least for me) it’s a very good sort of pain to work through and endure. The destroying of my life as I know it was softened a bit, by joining with a good group of fellow travelers to go through the book together. I highly recommend reading it in the context of a community of others joining with you for the journey. After all, it’s good to know someone else can relate to your pain as your life is destroyed by the challenge of the Gospel.

But my reason for writing isn’t to offer a book review, rather it’s to share a challenge that was shared with me at the conclusion of the book. The challenge is to engage in daily praying for the nations. Something, I admittedly don’t do. It seems like a daunting task; one too great to honestly begin. And on some level this is true. How does the old saying go, “Attempt something so big that unless God takes it over, it’ll fail.”

Thankfully, the challenge to daily pray for the nations has been made not easy, but accessible, thanks to the people behind Operation World. With their help, I’ve begun (today) a 60 day prayer journey, where I’m aided and guided in praying for the nations. It’s amazing what five minutes of focused prayer can accomplished. I’m realistic though, I’m sure I’ll miss a day here or there these next 60 days. But I don’t see this as a pass/fail sort of endeavor. Instead it’s about doing better… doing more than I currently am. And when you start at zero, you can only move up from there.

So today marks day one. My focus for today was Afghanistan. Here’s the helpful email I received to point me in the right direction. My hope is to share these with you each day; this will no doubt help me keep focused daily. Maybe together we can spend these next 60 days praying for the nations… who’s with me?

60 Day Prayer Challenge Day 1 – Today’s prayer country is Afghanistan:

Population: 29,117,489

Largest religion: Muslim

Percent Evangelical: 0.0%

For prayer information on Afghanistan, visit the Operation World website and remember to:

Pray for the specific country needs: The present political situation – a foreign military working…READ MORE

Click on the ‘unreached peoples’ of that country and pray

Watch and engage with the prayer video

Find even more fuel for prayer for Afghanistan on page 89 of the Operation World Book, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or eBook

As Mark 11:17 says: ‘Is it not written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations’? Let’s continue to make the global house of God a house of prayer for all nations.


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