Prayer for the Nations (day 8)

I was encouraged to read about and, I guess, discover the growth and forward movement of the Christian church in China. Growing up during the Regan/Gorbachev years, I think I always held China in my mind to be this dark and evil place where any ray of light cast from Christianity was quickly snuffed out. Coming to realize this isn’t necessarily so gives me hope and encouragement.

As I prayed for this nation and these people, I couldn’t help but focus on that line from the prayer guide, Pray that the Refiner’s fire might keep burning and that the Church’s spiritual cutting edge – honed in the midst of persecution – might not be blunted.

How often do we as Christ-followers pray we be spared from persecution, from harm, from danger, from evil. Yet, it’s through persecution that we are refined, made strong and really come to rely on the power of Christ, rather than our own power. The Church in China is the Church because of their persecuted past. It’s defined and shaped them, but not crushed them. May the Church universal learn from these brothers and sisters of ours what it means to be honed by the fires of persecution for the glory of God.

Maybe then, we’ll all see the fuller reality of our Father God manifest in our everyday lives, and believe that he is who he says he is; the  great I AM.

Today’s prayer country is China:

Population: 1,330,584,783

Largest religion: Non-religious

Percent Evangelical: 5.7%

For prayer information on China, visit the Operation World website and remember to:

Pray for the specific country needs: The window of opportunity for spiritual receptivity might not be… READ MORE

Click on the ‘unreached peoples’ of that country and pray

Watch and engage with the prayer video

Find even more fuel for prayer for China on page 214 of the Operation World Book, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or eBook

As Mark 11:17 says: ‘Is it not written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations’? Let’s continue to make the global house of God a house of prayer for all nations.


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