Project 365 (a farewell)

Had you been following my Project 365 journey for any length of time, you know all too well the gaps in posting that have occurred this past year. For the most part I’ve tried to fill these gaps and get a photo posted, if only but a day or two (or three or four) late. Coming into the end of the year, and with the frenzy of holiday activity, I’ve fallen way off the schedule for regular posting. I wish I could say I was deeply moved by this reality and had strong desires to remedy the situation. But to say such things would be a lie. The reality is, while I’ve enjoyed (mostly) the daily photo post, and also while these posts have connected me to small pool of new readers, I believe I’ve come to the end of any sort of regular Project 365 post. I may continue to post and comment on a photo here and there, but to assume it’ll be a daily part of my 2012 routine, isn’t realistic. As a measure of good faith, and in an attempt to end (somewhat) well, I guess, I will try to be faithful in posting through these last couple days of 2011 (starting tomorrow, or day 363). Thanks all of you who have connected with me through the Project 365 posts. It’s been a fun ride!

But who knows, maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow with a renewed sense and desire to continue. In which case, forget everything I’ve just said.


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