My Life In Pictures (day 1)


I know, I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t you just say the other day you were done with the daily picture post? And yes, while I did make such a claim, I think I left a small bit of potential that I’d continue on; in some form or another. That being the case, here is the 2012 version of Project 365. I offer you My Life In Pictures, a photo recap (albeit not necessarily daily) of this next year of my life.

And while this afternoon, noticing the pile of puzzle boxes, that sort of stood as a monument to the 13 or 14 puzzles that had recently been completed by the Bug and me. Well, it was a photo too good to pass up. And if you’re going to go so far as to snap a photo, you might as well go the next step and post a bit about it… right?


This mount of empty boxes came about over the course of two days. We started off working the smaller pieced puzzles. You know, the ones with something like 24 pieces. We eventually worked our way up to the 100 piece Fancy Nancy puzzle. We stopped just short of beginning the 200 piece Snow White puzzle. That challenge will be left for another day; which is completely fine, as our floor space (note just to the right of the boxes) wouldn’t have allowed for such a large puzzle.

This was a fun, two day adventure with the Bug and me, as it brought back such found memories of working puzzles with my grandmother. I don’t think I can scarce recall a time being at her house and not seeing a Springbok puzzle in process on the far end of the dinning room table. Despite the fun had, and the memories made, the weekend has near come to an end, and thus the puzzles returned yet again to their boxes, in the hopes of finding their way to the floor again next weekend.


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