My Life in Pictures (day 4)


As promised, here is what was to have been yesterday’s MLIP photo.

While I wouldn’t consider myself a handy man of any real reputation, I’ve come to acquire various household tools over the years (thanks you Christmas wish list). And this year was no different. I’m well stocked on the basics; hammers, screwdrivers, pliers. So now, I’m branching out into more of the power tool department; like with this year’s orbital sander and reciprocating saw.

As Christmas is slowly coming down, I had to put my new tools away. The only problem, I’ve never really had a specified location to house all my tools. With a detached garage, that didn’t seem to be the place, nor did the front closet. So to the basement I headed. After about an hour or cleaning, and sorting and arranging, I carved out some space on one of the shelving units; and now my tools have a home. One that I can easily enough access when duty calls.


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